Star Wars Battlefront Released

Star Wars BattlefrontElectronic Arts and their developer DICE released Star Wars Battlefront on November 17th to the delight of Star Wars gamers everywhere. DICE's attention to detail using their advanced Frostbite engine shines through with amazing graphics on both consoles and PC.

While the game is loosely based on EA's Battlefield series it differs in several important ways. There are no squads in SW Battlefront but you can however partner with a friend which essentially makes you a squad of two with spawning rights. There is no reloading of weapons and there is no picking up kits from downed players, you can however use the loadout of your partner. Game modes also differ with no CTF mode. Also notable is the lack of reviving team members - a staple of the Battlefield series.

While the game is not without issues it has faired well considering how difficult it was going to be to please both hardcore gamers and Star Wars fans.

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  • Well the game has gotten better with the new game mode but there are issues like the fact that matchmaking is a joke and there are no private servers - only DICE/EA servers. The lack of auto-balance sucks too.

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