More info on BF4 Commander mode

You all know about this already but here is some official DICE-speak about the Commander mode.

Fan-favorite feature Commander Mode is back. Last seen in Battlefield 2, this highly requested feature is making its way to consoles, PC, and tablet computers.

This mode allows for a single player to be designated as the commander for each team with the power and responsibility to lead  their teammates to victory. And while the Commander’s role isn’t on the ground, they still possess abilities that allow them to turn the tide of a battle.

Surveillance, vehicle deploys, and tactical airstrikes can all be found in a commander’s arsenal. As squads acknowledge, execute, and complete assigned objectives these increasingly powerful and deadly abilities will become available, meaning that teamplay is more important than ever.

But perhaps the Commander’s most important and powerful asset is their ability to view the entire battlefield in a top-down tabletop mode. From this view they can assign teammates to objectives and strategically command forces to victory.

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